Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!

Learning versions

The aim of participating in this course is for you to gain knowledge and skills in the use of easy-Speak for managing your own club or helping others with theirs.

There are two ways in which you might participate in this course:

  1. Full version: use the content materials and instructions in each topic to steer you through the learning and completion of easy-Speak tasks; plus participate in the collaborative discussion forums and interactive webinars.
  2. Lite version: participate in the webinars (or view the recordings) and use the resources as required.

Whichever pathway you choose you will need to commit some of your time over the next few weeks to do the reading, the practice tasks and the collaborating.

There will not be any assessments required of you in this course; readings and tasks are designed to be mostly self-paced. However, you may find it useful to work in tandem with another club officer from your club, providing them with updates on the learning and the easy-Speak site you create.

In the next few chapters you will find suggestions and guidelines for building your knowledge and skill base in easy-Speak. This learning guide can be printed out and used to monitor your progress and achievements.

At the end of the course you will be able to complete and print a Certificate of Completion. This could be used as part of your credentials for Project 10 in Competent Leadership - Club Webmaster.

Here is an example of the Certificate:

certificate example