Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!

Where to start?

As you enter the course you may already have some knowledge and skills about the easy-Speak system. It would therefore be useful to move directly to the topic that is of most benefit for you right now. You can do that by using the Learner Topic Shortcut links available on every page.

If you are new to easy-Speak administration as a club officer we suggest that you start at

If you need to setup a new club site in easy-Speak for your club we suggest you move directly to

What learning resources are available?

In each topic you will find a variety of learning resources:

  • E-books: content for each topic is organised into chapters in a 'book' just like this Learner Guide. Chapters frequently include videos and graphics to support your learning journey, along with sets of Learning Tasks designed for you to practice your mastery of each topic.
  • Discusson forums: collaborative conversations will feature in each topic with further advice, ideas and answers to your 'frequently asked questions'
  • Media Collections: YouTube videos and other media resources will be available for viewing in each topic
  • Print based resources: PowerPoint presentations and other printable resources will be available for downloading in each topic
  • Webinar schedules: webinar session links and their recordings will be accessible from the r/h navigation column on the home page