Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!

Plan your learning activities

During the first week of the course, plan ahead to enable time and space for your learning activities.

You might find it useful to create an Action Plan or a Study Plan to help allocate that time in your busy schedule. For instance a Google Calendar to designate some dates and times for when you don't wish to be interrupted.

Ensure that you add the webinar schedules to your own calendar and set reminders for those. For instance you may prefer to add them to a Google Calendar online.

Course Activity Tracking

This course is set up so that you can see your own progress through the segments each time you login. These show as check marks in the small box to the right of each segment displayed on the home page. This is referred to as Activity Completion.

activity completion

Reflective Practice

It is often beneficial to make notes about your learning as you go. These notes could be made in your favourite productivity software, such as Microsoft Word, or you can make some notes right here in your learning environment.

There is a Blog tool built into this environment that you could use to compose notes as planning tools, and/or notes as reflective tools. You will see a link to your Blog menu on the right hand side of this page.

You can add an entry (notes) about this Book, view all of your entries about this book, or view entries from others about this book.

Note: if you want others to view your blog entries, ensure that you select the Everyone option before saving your Blog entry. Otherwise select Private to keep them hidden.

Of course you may also prefer to reflect in your own Blog.