Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!

Practice Task Projects 

The final chapter in each e-book displays a summary of the practice tasks that we recommend to gain experience with easy-Speak for yourself and your club or district. This will help you become an easy-Speak Champion.

In some topics these practice tasks can be completed in a fictitious club called the King Arthur's Playground Club. We will introduce you to this club by giving you login access to a specially provided easy-Speak training site created by the support team at District 59.

In other topics your practice tasks can be completed in your own club easy-Speak site, that you have setup, or in a club easy-Speak site in which you have a Club Officer role.

Note: You may also have access to an easy-Speak subject matter expert in your Area or District to whom you can turn when needing extra assistance.

Social Media Participation

You may like to join the easy-Speak Toastmasters Community, a Facebook Group, in which you can see the latest updates about this course and have conversations about easy-Speak with other easy-Speak Champions.