Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!

Welcome to easy-Speak Made Easy!

course logoYou are either a guest or a self-enrolled participant in this MOODLE learning environment and you are about to embark on a new learning journey to complement your experiences as a Toastmaster trainer and leader.

The course is useful for Toastmaster club officers who wish to automate their club meetings and management strategies. You are most likely here because you need to prepare for your job of training others in the use of easy-Speak!

This course will provide you with opportunities to learn at your own pace about the following functions and purposes of easy-Speak, Toastmasters Automation system:

  • interactive Toastmaster club online tools:
    • meeting management
    • club management
  • database functionalities of easy-Speak
    • member records
    • meeting records

In this first e-book we will provide chapters; explanations of the functions of easy-Speak and who will benefit from them.

Information is accessible and clickable. If it's blue you can probably click on it and see something extra. e-books, like this one, may also be printed if preferred. Other downloadable and printable resources are included in separate 'folders' accessible from the home page of the course. 

The easy-Speak system is web and e-mail based - so you will need to have internet connection and email (or can be assigned a 'buddy' who has). In some cases, club officers could use the database features to manage the club and only involve the general membership by telephone or printed 'sign-up' sheet.

The system is designed to be multi-club, multi-lingual and multi-timezone.

Let's get started!