Learner Guide

How to participate in the course!


Along the way you will be able to earn a series of badges - virtual badges or images - that verify that you have completed specific parts of the course. To earn the badge for each level of expertise, you will be required to have viewed the e-books specific to that level. Details of the badges are available any time by selecting the Badges in the Navigation panel to the left.

To view the badges you have earned select the My Badges icon from the My Profile area in the Navigation Panel. Note: you will see only the badges you have earned as the system identifies which e-books you have completed.

Here's an example of mine in earning my first Learner Badge whilst logged in as a student.

learner badge earned

Badges are awarded for completion of each level!

Review your progress by selecting the small box on the right hand side of each e-book title in each topic. This will place a tick in that box and activate one or more badges for you. Note: this is a manual completion task which can be selected at any time.

Note: viewing the Learner Guide is the only compulsory task required for earning each badge and you will need to view each chapter in that guide so that the 'system' will mark this activity complete.