easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

7. Manage Committee Meetings

easy-Speak provides a process for creating and notifying of Club Officer Committee meetings. This task may be performed by the President or VPE or Secretary of the club. Therefore one of the first things to do is to check that these roles have permissions to create meetings. This is done in the Control Panel.

Committee Meeting Creation Permissions

Minnie has the task of making adjustments to the permissions required for the new incoming club committee and the new President wants to be able to create meetings and send meeting emails, among other tasks.

Minnie first needs to access the Club Officer Panel from the Club Control Panel. See below for the Club Officer panel for the King Arthur's Playground club.

officer mainteance screen

Minnie selects the Edit icon for the President and makes some changes.

Here is the view of the Permission Settings for the President after Minnie has made those adjustments.

permission settings