easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

10. Project 5: Tasks for Advanced Club Management

Now that you have practised these advanced tasks you make like to try them out in the King Arthur's Playground Club or your own.

Take your time with these and plan the content with your executive committee!

  • Add a guest speaker to a meeting - add another Disney character or another from your favourite Literature
  • Analyse the charts:
    • roles - check the roles that have been performed by your favourite member
    • communication - check the speeches that have been delivered by members
    • participation - check the attendance of members
    • leadership - add an additional Leadership track for an advanced member
  • Manage the Discussion forum - create a new posting in the forum
  • —Create a Committee Meeting - use the first Monday in the month for King Arthur's Playground club
  • Send Club Mass email - do this only in your own club.
  • Update the front page - do this only in your own club.

Please post your thoughts on what tool or function you liked using most in the discussion forum for Topic 3.

If you have any difficulty with these, refer back to the specific chapters in this e-book.