easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

3. Analyse the charts

3.6. Leadership Chart

Tracking Leadership Awards

The easy-Speak system will help your club to keep track of each member's progress in completing each of the projects for the CL award and the AL awards.

This process is partly automated for meeting roles in the clubs that use the full easy-Speak system to plan meetings, track speeches and roles etc. 

Note: Registering that the member has completed the meeting role and had the evaluation entered in their leadership manual is shown in the CL record automatically when the meeting 'actuals' are recorded.

Leadership activities, other than those achieved by completing meeting roles, may be recorded manually for each member by the Club Vice President of Education. 

The detailed Leadership Track information is available to each member and to their mentor (and their computer 'buddy' if assigned) by clicking on the award name in the Leadership Chart and is also displayed in the screens 'My CL|AL Progress'.

Detailed information for each member is available to the VPE for all members of their club.

Let's have a look at the leadership chart for the King Arthur Playground club.

leadership chart

As VPE, Minnie can now print and analyse the leadership progress for members of the Playground club. The legend at the bottom right of the screen assists in that process.

leadership chart legend

The chart is useful to the VPE prior to assigning roles in meetings. For instance Minnie can see the following details from the chart above.

  1. Several members have not yet been assigned to roles in future meetings
  2. Only a few members have requested a role for future meetings
  3. A few members are working on advanced leadership manuals

Minnie can also adjust the chart to record additional leadership manuals that members may be working on, concurrently or sequentially.

View the next sub-chapter to see how Minnie takes care of that.