easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

3. Analyse the charts

3.1. Roles Chart

Roles History for King Arthur's Playground club

To access the chart select Role History in the drop down list for This Club on the main menu.

This chart lists each of the main meeting roles for the club with a coloured tick showing which members have performed each role. The colour of the tick indicates how recently each member took each role and clicking on it will take you to the meeting for the last time they did it.

Up to ten roles may be presented in the chart - the choice is made in the club control panel for your club.

role history

As VPE Minnie can now print and analyse this chart to plan ahead for role allocation in the future. For instance, the chart shows the following:

  • Mickey Mouse and Tarzan of the Jungle have not recently performed a role. 
  • Several members have performed specific roles twice recently.
  • Peter Pan and Snow White have performed the timer role recently but no other roles or speeches
  • King Arthur and Lancelot have both given either speeches or evaluations but no other roles recently

What other patterns do you see in the Role History chart? How will these influence the way that Minnie assigns roles in the next few meetings?

You can post your answers to these questions in the Discussion Forum for this topic.