easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

3. Analyse the charts

3.2. Communication Chart

Communications Chart for King Arthur's Playground club

Access the chart from the Communications Chart option in the drop down for This Club on the main menu.

This chart shows each member's progress towards Competent Communicator or Advanced Communicator etc. It lists each manual that a member is working on and shows the speeches that:

  • have been presented (green ticks),
  • are scheduled for future meetings (a clock) or
  • are requested but as yet not scheduled (question mark). 

The member, their mentor, computer buddy and the club VPE may click on the manual name to see a complete summary of all speeches in the manual or click on the gavel icon to the right of the name to see the member's personal progress screen. 

The VPE may send an e-mail or access a member's profile directly from this screen to book additional speeches into the 'queue'.

Let's have a look at the current Communication Chart for members of the King Arthur Playground club.

communications chart

As VPE Minnie can now print and analyse the information prior to scheduling speeches for future meetings. For instance the chart displays the following:

  • Donald Duck has recently completed his Competent Communicator manual
  • Lancelot du Lac and Little Mermaid are  close to completing their Competent Communicator manual
  • Peter Pan and Tarzan of the Jungle are close to completing their Advanced Communicator Bronze
  • Little Red Riding Hood does not have any requested or scheduled speeches in the near future.

What other patterns can you see in the Communications Chart? How will these influence the way that Minnie assigns speaking roles in the next few months?

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