easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

3. Analyse the charts

3.3. Participation Chart

Participation Chart for King Arthur Playground club

The participation screen displays multiple past meetings (coloured yellow) with icons indicating speakers, evaluators, other roles and attendance. This screen may be filtered to show a single role only.

You may use this screen to look ahead and plan roles for future meetings. The meeting dates are coloured green for future dates.

Let's take a look at the Participation Chart for King Arthur's Playground members.

participation chart

Any club officer can now print and analyse this chart when considering the overall participation of club members in the meetings.

If the officer wants to look ahead for more future meetings, they can select the number from the drop down list for Look ahead up to ## Meetings.

As VP membership Snow White can check on those members who have not indicated their attendance for next future meeings, and who may appear to be losing interest. For instance the chart displays the following:

  • several members have not advised on their attendance at the April 15 meeting
  • Tarzan has been absent for a long time and has not yet indicated his attendance at future meetings either, he may be losing interest

What other patterns can be seen in this Participation Chart? What actions may need to be taken by Snow White the VP Membership?

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