easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

4. Manage Leadership Manuals

4.1. Recording leadership assignments manually

Manual recording

Login to easy-Speak as the VPE and follow these steps to record a Leadership assignment manually.

Note: if your club uses easy-Speak the leadership roles that are completed during a meeting will be updated automatically if they are confirmed when the meeting is closed. See instructions for Recording Leadership tasks at Meetings in the next sub-chapter.

As VPE, Minnie will follow these steps to add an assignment for Winnie the Pooh:

  • Go to the Club Leadership Chart screen.

A list of club members is shown with progress for each Leadership manual.

If you have system permission as VP Education for this club the manual names in the far right column will all be coloured blue with an edit button.

  • Click on the manual name (for example 'CL') for the member where you wish to record a project as completed.

    winnie cl progress popup

A detailed screen showing each of the assignments making up each of the leadership projects is shown for Winnie.

  • Click on the assignment name and an edit screen will pop up allowing you to enter the date that this assignment was completed.
    new assignment for winnie

Note: If you record a project completed in error you may delete it by pressing 'Remove' on this screen.

  • You will be returned to the detail screen showing assignments.
    winnies ah counter record
  • When you have finished making changes for this member click on 'Close Window'
  • You will be returned to the Leadership Track chart.
  • When all requirements for a project have been completed any remaining 'Not done' blocks will disappear
  • Click on 'Go' at the top right of the chart to refresh the project information