easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

4. Manage Leadership Manuals

4.2. Recording leadership assignments at meetings

Leadership Assignments at Meetings

Login as VPE and follow these steps to record a Leadership assignment as part of the Meeting. Minnie is completing the leadership assignment for the next meeting on April 15 at the King Arthur's Playground club.

  • Make sure that all members who are working to complete their CL are listed with the CL progress bar on the Club Leadership Chart 
  • Look through the Club Leadership Chart for members who need to complete a specific role for CL and assign the roles needed to support them
    Minnie needs to assign herself a role of Timekeeper for her CL project 4:

    minnie timekeeper assignment april 15
  • Assign other roles for a meeting (possibly using Auto-Assign)
  • The agenda e-mail #3 gives each member with a role that may be evaluated for CL an explanation of the role and a request to bring their CL manual to the meeting - so send this mail.

    While Minnie is in the meeting assignment page she accepts the role of Timekeeper and it now shows on her leadership chart as a small clock icon for CL project 4.
    minnies new leadership record
  • Immediately prior to the meeting print the 'Checklist Report' which lists all the roles that could be evaluated for CL at the meeting and any members who may be evaluated for the 'Table Topic CL' if they have no other CL role in the meeting.
  • At the meeting, use the Checklist report to confirm that each member with a CL role has their manual and an Evaluator (Clubs vary in how they manage this, some assigning it as a specific meeting role to make sure that it happens and some using it as part of the SAA role)
  • Use the Checklist report when confirming actuals after the meeting, select the correct CL task for members who were evaluated and then save and close the meeting.