easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

7. Manage Committee Meetings

7.2. Notify Club Officers

Once the committee meeting has been created the President or VPE needs to notify the Club Officers and ask them to indicate their attendance. This can be done through the Contact Other Members in the My Communication panel.

Let's follow Arthur as he sends an email out to the current club officers.

Step 1: Select Contact Other Members (see below for the options provided)

user list for emails

Step 2: Select each of the club officer names by clicking the small box to the right of each.

Step 3: Click the Email icon at the top of the E-mail column.

Step 4: Complete the message and click Send e-mail icon at the bottom of the page.

Below is an example that King Arthur has sent out to club officers for the July 1 committee meeting. Notice that the names of the club officers he selected in the previous panel are now showing as Recipients.

email to club officers