easy-Speak Advanced Tasks for Club Officers

A series of chapters containing instructions and advice for Advanced Tasks of Club Management

9. Update Front Page

9.2. Editing text

There are three levels of system permission for your website:

  • The regular user may see all the pages that you have made public but may not make changes to them
  • A Club officer with system permission to edit the content may change text and blog entries on the pages (generally VP-PR).
  • A Club officer may also be granted system permission to alter the page layout and add new pages (generally President and IT Support)

(You may change the system permission for officers in the Club Control Panel. Instructions here)

When you have full permissions for editing text in the portal page, you will notice an Edit Text icon available. Click that to enter the edit mode for each piece in the Web-part. Below is an example of how to edit the text in a new web part (Free Text) recently added to the portal page of King Arthur's Playground site.

edited text

This can be quite tricky at first, so take your time and make sure you plan ahead for the content. Check by saving text to see how it appears on screen for the viewers. 

editing text screen