easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

4. Submitting Officer Details

4.1. Club Officer Options

What do the options mean?

When you select the Edit button for each officer you will see two sets of Options. One for the Officer Settings and another for the Permission Settings.

Officer Settings

For each officer you will see the following settings:

Club, Office, Officer abbreviation, List Order, Send refusal email, Display in list of Club Officers, Report to Toastmaster International as, The Officer in this position often moves to this position.

List Order: The numbers entered here are used to sort the officer list when presenting it to members and guests.

Send 'refusal' email to this officer: You may request that the system keeps a watch for members who are perhaps loosing interest in your club and send an e-mail so that a club officer may contact them and offer encouragement. The club officers who will receive this e-mail is set here. Conditions to send the e-mail is set in the Club Control Panel.

Display in list of club officers?: Some 'officers' may be for internal use only and not shown in the officer list presented to members and guests. (They will still be shown on the edit screen but are in italics).

Permission Settings

These represent a series of authority switches. The occupant of each officer position will be able to take these actions on the system if the switch is set to 'yes'.

See example below: