easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

5. Club Management

5.2. Schedule Speeches

Use the Schedule Speeches tool

Select the 'Schedule Speeches' screen from the left hand navigation bar, to assign the speeches at least four or five weeks in advance of the meeting.

Select Speeches from the Requested speeches showing in the drop down lists for each meeting date. These should show the date preferences as numbers in brackets (1) or (2) or (3) and will enable an accurate scheduling procedure.

Refer to this article in the Knowledge Base.

Next, use the agenda e-mail #3 to  advise the speakers of their scheduled speaking committments. Note: assigned speakers will be notified by email and requested to confirm the assignment by accepting (clicking the green thumbs up icon) in the meeting agenda.

Speech scheduling Tips

  1. Encourage your members to 'Request a Speech' using the Request a Speech screen a week or two prior to the meeting, and to include first, second and third date preferences.
  2. It helps your club members if you contact them with meeting details on a regular timetable - that way they know that they can rely on you to remind them.
  3. Encourage them to go to the web-site and 'book themselves in' for a meeting at any time but the e-mail system is a good way to prompt for action.

Note: Please download the suggested Timetable of Actions in the Administrator's Resources.

Role Allocation Tips

  1. For a club that meets fortnightly, complete the role allocations and speech requests just after the previous meeting. 
  2. Plan to fill the gaps in the agenda for the next meeting at the end of the previous meeting. 
  3. Send the final reminder by system-generated e-mail a day or two prior.