easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

7. Member Records Management

Adding data to Club records

As the VPE for your club you will need to obtain some information from your members for these tasks. If your club has existed for some years, there will be a large amount of data to upload, so set yourself some time to accomplish the recording of Member Achievements.

The VPE can add specific leadership roles to their site to match the actual roles that are used in their club. For example: a WebMaster or IT support or Assistant VPE.

The VPE can add details of previous speeches for each of the members to bring the records of speech achievements up-to-date.

The VPE, or assistant VPE, may also be asked to bring the club history up-to-date by adding separate portal pages for each year's club officers and awards.

  1. Add leadership roles
  2. Upload previous speeches
  3. Create new users
  4. Update club history

Let's look at these in the next sub-chapters.