easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

6. Managing the website

6.1. Editing Portal Page Layout

Editing Layout

Please take a few minutes to view this YouTube video from the easy-Speak channel:

If you are a Club Officer with the system permission to alter the page layout and add new pages you will see an Edit page layout link at the top left of your pages. Click on that link and you will be taken into edit mode. From there you may:

  • Click on a Add Web-Part to add another item to the page in the selected location. You will be given a list of pre-prepared options that are available with a description of each.

  • Click and drag an item around on the page and place it in another location.

  • Click on Edit Web-Part to change the options for this item. eg add/remove the border or title or change the officers which are listed.
    Note: Many of the web-parts have options that are made available when you click on Edit Web-part

  • Click on Menu/Page (top right) to change the name of this page in the menu and to set the widths of each column

  • Click on Add Page at the bottom of the menu dropdown to add a new page

  • Click on Add Menu in the menu bar to add a second set of menu items and the first page in the new set.
    Note: No more than two club specific menu items are permitted.

  • When you have finished editing the page use the link Save page layout to save your work.

Note: While you are in edit mode you will see an additional item in the drop-down menu bar. Add page does exactly that and if you only have one set of menu items you will also see Add menu as an option to give you the possibility to create a second set.

Club Officer Permissions

This article explains how system permissions are assigned to each club officer.

Reset Portal is also available to you.

CAUTION: this will remove all customisation and additional pages and take your website back to the standard six pages