easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

9. Project #6: Club Setup Practice Tasks

Let's get started!

The system is designed to minimise human effort in the administration of the club and maximise the data available to run the club effectively. Here are the recommended tasks for this topic:

Task 1: Visit and explore easy-Speak

Look around the system, get some understanding of how it works and the benefits it would bring to your club. 

Participate in Webinar #2 and learn from the masters or view the recording!

Task 2: Obtain copies of your TM club agenda

Consider the normal structure of your club meetings or find out from your club officers. (eg Bicester have Table Topics at the start of the meeting, Spa Speakers have them after the break) 

Task 3: Request a club site at easy-Speak

If your Club is chartered you may enter the number into this form and make your own selections for agenda format etc 

If your Club is not yet chartered, contact malcolmW via the e-mail on the easy-Speak site. Remember to give him your Club name and club number, meeting days, time and location and paste a typical meeting agenda into the mail.  Email btton

Task 4: Wait for confirmation that your new club site is ready

Your club will be created by copying data from the club that you nominate. (Meeting roles, Meeting agenda templates, Officer 'job names', Member status, Timing for e-mail etc etc etc. 

Task 5: Visit and login to your new club site

You are now President, VP-E, Secretary and everything else on the system for your club! 

Log in and review the settings in the club control panel. Add a description for your normal meeting location for example so that visitors can find you. 

Upload your membership file and select the correct member for each officer position.

This article shows the spreadsheet format for loading member data: 

Task 6: Create meetings

Create meetings for the next few months so that your members can book ahead. 


This set of tasks may take some time to design and develop. Use the project to consolidate your own learning and to learn from others in how they will guide their club members to use easy-Speak!
  • Consider how to entice your club members to use the easy-Speak site
  • Participate in the discussion forum for Topic 4:
  • Consider what materials and methods to use in training your members
  • Schedule first basic training for your club members: How to login and sign up for meetings

Explain to your members how the system works for them. Maybe point them to the Knowledgebase area: 

Alternatively make use of the slides available in the Shared Resource Library.

You're live! Laughing