easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

7. Member Records Management

7.1. Adding Roles in Leadership Chart

Records of leadership roles will be updated automatically after each TM meeting. The VPE validates these against the agenda and then closes that meeting agenda. Individual records can also be added or updated by the VPE directly into the Leadership Chart.

Editing the Leadership Chart

Let's take a look as Minnie adds roles for new club members into the Leadership Chart for King Arthur's Playground club.

First, let's see how Minnie added tasks for Advanced Leadership Silver for Donald Duck. To do this Minnie selected the green + icon at the end of the row in Donald's record, and selected from the drop down list appropriately.

donalds leadership chart record

Second, let's see how she can now add the CL manual for a new member, Daisy Duck. Minnie has already added Daisy as a new member and she now proceeds to the Leadership Chart to find her record.

daisy duck leadership chart

Minnie can now select the green + icon at the end of the row for Daisy and add the CL project tasks.

daisys new leadership record