easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

7. Member Records Management

7.5. New user with Guest Speaker status

When entering new users for your club, whether they be existing easy-Speak users, or brand new members, the VPE can provide a description for their status. These are the choices available:

add user choice screen

Identifying new users as Guest Speakers or Members will enable the VPE to request, schedule and assign speeches on their behalf.

Let's take a look at that process as Minnie adds a new Guest Speaker to the King Arthur Playground club.

minnie adds new user Alice

Minnie then selects a password for Alice.

Minnie confirms password for Alice

Minnie then locates Alice from the Visitor list for an agenda and requests a speech on her behalf.

Alice speech request

This will now show up in the drop down list of potential speakers for the April 15 meeting.

alice speech available

Finally Minnie will assign the speech and notify Alice via email.

alice speech assigned