easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

3. Adding clubs

3.4. Creating your own spreadsheet lists

It will save you a great deal of time if you check e-mail address with the members and correct them before uploading the file and your initial presentation and mailing for agenda etc

For non-members of the club (or if you already have a spreadsheet with more recent information than TI for phone numbers and e-mail addresses)

Create a spreadsheet for each group of members that you wish to import. One spreadsheet for full members, one for visitors, one for the mailing list of prospective members etc.

The spreadsheet must have the following columns: 

  • Column A - Username. Create a username for each of your members that will be easy for them to remember. 
  • Column B - First name. For example, 'Ann', 
  • Column C - Family or Surname. For example, 'Brown', 
  • Column D - E-mail address. for example, 'ann.brown@domain.tld', 
  • Column E - Password. Give all your members a password. They may change it later from their profile screen. 
  • Column F - Evening Phone. Enter their home phone number (*), 
  • Column G - Daytime Phone. Enter their work phone number (*), 
  • Column H - Mobile Phone. Enter their mobile phone number (*), 
  • Column I - Date they joined your club. This is used to print reports for WHQ. The date must be formatted dd-mm-yyyy (eg 23-JAN-2007) to be processed correctly. If you do not know when each member joined your club, just enter a '1' if the member should be included as a new member for the current year. 
  • Column J - Their Toastmaster International Member Number (*). This data is used to print annual returns to WHQ 
  • Column K - A code to represent the members achievement on the Communications track (*). For example 1 for CC, 
  • Column L - A code to represent the members achievement on the Leadership track (*). For example 1 for CL, 
  • Column M - Street Address (*). All in one cell, use a semi-colon to indicate where you want new line, 
  • Column N - Post Code (*).

See sample below:

upload users ss format