easy-Speak for TM Web Masters

A series of chapters containing instructions on the setup of a club site on easy-Speak

4. Submitting Officer Details

Using the Control Panel

The club officers' control panel is used to define the names and system authorities for your club officers. These will have been automatically inserted from the TI database on setup.

Note: Once your club is running smoothly on the system it is unlikely that you will make any changes using the control panel.

You may access the Club Control features of the system by clicking on the hot-link 'Club Control Panel' at the bottom of all screens (just above the Toastmaster copyright notice).

Note: The Club Control Panel link is only visible if you are logged in AND are authorised as system administrator for your club AND have your own club selected.

Setting up Club Executives

Assigning the current occupant to each position is achieved through the Club Executive List screen which presents a list of officers and the current occupant of each position but also gives the possibility to assign a different member to each position if you have authority to do this - see example below.

The club officers control panel lists all the club officers that have been defined for your club. You may add or delete officers or change the system permissions associated with each one.

Note: the above example includes the positions of Immediate Past President, Webmaster and IT Support.

The next chapters provide further administrative details about the Club Officers.